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  1. Version 6.1 appears to have resolved the issue!
  2. Oh, so sync doesn't work for you either and you need to manually sync? Then I won't bother re-installing. My enpass on Linux works. It just won't sync.
  3. My problem right now is that my Enpass on Linux has diverged from the one on Windows and Android; I have new passwords on Linux which need to be brought over to the other copies. I can't just delete my enpass folder...
  4. @Anshu kumar when are you expecting to release 6.1? Thanks!
  5. @Anshu kumar awesome news, thanks for the update. Looking forward to v6.1!
  6. @Anshu kumar please note that I have upgraded to Kubuntu 19.04, and the issue is naturally still there. Is there anything I can do to help your team pinpoint the issue, assuming they can't even reproduce the problem so far?
  7. Thank you @Anshu kumar, Is there anything else I can do, log files I can provide?
  8. @Anshu kumar With Chrome it seemed to have taken a step back. Whereas with Firefox I could get it to stay in the same instance of Enpass, Chrome would launch a second copy of Enpass. I tried updated the mime database, to no avail.
  9. Quick (related) question @Anshu kumar : As my Linux box is slowly lagging behind my Windows and Android copies of Enpass, how will it reconcile the database once I get it to work again on Linux? Is the database synchronized as a blob, or it's actually item-by-item? I ask because I added a few items on Linux, and a few items on Windows. Thanks!
  10. Hello @Anshu kumar Here is the requested information: 1) Kubuntu 18.10, Enpass 2) I had Enpass 5 before, went through the upgrade, and now only have 6 installed. 3) Well I guess by definition Kubuntu is multi-user, but in practice I'm the only one using this computer. 4) I tried both Google Drive and OneDrive -- same result. 5) I use Firefox (66.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.18.10.1) Thanks!
  11. @Alessandro you're one lucky dude. I can't get it to sync at all
  12. I tried with Chrome and it was actually worse than with Firefox. Instead of going back to Enpass, it launched a second instance. I tried for fun to launch it with sudo Enpass and it looks my sudo environment isn't properly setup, as it tried to launch a text web browser.
  13. Running the update-desktop-database/update-mime-database appear to have fixed the 2 instances of Enpass running while attempting to setup a sync. However, Enpass still sits there waiting forever and doesn't complete the operation. What else can I do to track this down?
  14. I can't get it to sync on OneDrive or Google Drive either. I log into Enpass. I setup a sync (says Google Drive) It launches my browser; I click allow FF launches a new instance of enpass I enter my master p/w to get back into Enpass I now have 2 instances of Enpass running. One at the 'setup sync' waiting for it to complete, and the other one at the main screen. I also tried with OneDrive, and got the same result. This was an Enpass5 -> Enpass6 upgrade. My Android and Win10 copies are synchronizing properly, Linux is left out of the loop.
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