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  1. Hi, I too would like this, adding the possibility to have a thumbnail of the image. Basically, I would need an "image" field.
  2. I am evaluating Empass, coming from an app that can handle photos stored with an additional password, if a deeper security level were needed. Any plan to do it in Enpass?
  3. Thank You for the size, I had same problem too, for your question, if you right click on the icon You can delete it. It works on mac app, not on ios app.
  4. If I set an image and a .txt as attachements, right clicking on the img attach I can see open/save, but on the .txt only save. Is there a way to open it without the need to save it before?
  5. Hi all, changing to Empass I would like to import the icons I use in previous app, I try but they comes very small, what should be the correct dimensions for them to have them equals to the originals? Is .jpg ok or I would have to use .png or what? Regards faspao
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