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  1. Hello, I was thinking about managing attachments and I have a strong recommendation: Add a new field type "attachment". With that, attachments can simply re-order within an item. Every user has different priorities and so every user can arrange it individually. Example - Item: [ section : Login ] url: url-to-my-customer-web{dot}com user: my-name pw: abc [ section : VPN ] adress: profile: my-profile-file <------ attachment file as field here [ section : email ] imap: imap{dot}company{dot}com user: my-name{at}custome{dot}com pw: def certificate: my-certificate-file <------ attachment file as field here With the new field type "attachment" I only see advantages. Suggestion to migrate the old attachment management: - add a new section "Attachments" - add a new field with the type "attachment" for every attachment file Regards. #pio93qwertz
  2. Hello, referencing to this topic: I am using Enpass more than manage passwords. With the new version, which offers sections, I also add a section with "personal data". In that section I am adding the personal info I added to the online account for the specific login, Example #1: [ section: Login] login/url: amazon.com email: PeterParker@icloiud.com pw: *** [ section: Personal Data] Name: Peter Parker line numbe: +1 12345 6789 mobile number: +1 098734 23423 [ section: accounting] IBAN: AT 00000100007 Example #2: [ section: Login] login/url: amazon.com email: hello@company.com pw: *** [ section: Personal Data] company name: My Company line numbe: +1 12345 6789 VAT ID: AT123456789 [ section: accounting] credit card: 123 456 789 0 Collecting this info in Enpass I know every time where I have to go if something change. My feature request: Offer a special window to manage "base data". Within in login items there should be a possibility to simply tick the used data. Regards. #pio93qwertz pio93qwertz pio93qwertz
  3. Hello Enpass developers, I like using tags. So much advantages instead of folders. But we need smart folders/groups, too. Every Mac user knows them. Create a smart folder which automatically updates its content. With a rule editor it is so easy to "filter" a set of entries. For example: email is hello@icloud.com AND tag name is money AND tag name IS NOT money:monthly Example image below… Regards, #PIO
  4. Hello, I also like to see an improvement of setting tags. At the moment we have to type it again and again and a typo is done fast. I recommend using token field which offers free typing and autocompletion. Thanks. #PIO
  5. Hello. in my opinion no special need for that. It can perfectly handled by tags. A big value of tags is, that an item can be sorted in multiple „folders“ at the same time. A big advantage than the standard folders in the past. For your example: ToDo ToDo:2FA ToDo:Password Table I also marked my items in this way. Hopefully I showed an alaternative way to solve your task. Regards, #PIO
  6. Hello, I am very happy with the new release version 6.x. Found a lot of small bugs and sent them to bug@. Environment: Apple Watch, MacBook, iPhone But there is a big wish, I like to see in a further update: At the moment you have to go to every login item to bring this item to the Apple Watch. I am missing a simple "mirror vault abc" to the Apple Watch in the preferences. I have about 190 items and it only takes 900kb disk space. For the Apple Watch, it is nothing and wouldn't waste any space. Why I like to see this feature? Sometimes I am on business trips, holiday, weekend journey and so on. I only take the iPhone and Apple Watch with me. If my phone gets stolen, I wouldn't be able to use any online services, because I don't know any password. Beside knowing my master password of Enpass, I also know the login password for my iCloud account. But without the iPhone it wouldn't be possible to login without a trusted device for 2FA. With the Apple Watch it would be "annoying" to write a complex password manually to a login form, but it has the value not to be digital lost. Hopefully, I could explain the intension for my wish… Regards, #PIO
  7. I agree with that. Enpass should take words from the user system default language. Regards.
  8. Please have a look to the attached images. The history menu item is only provided if you changed some value in the past. If the field only keeps one single value, it is the current one, and no history can be called. I think it would be better to offer a history button in front of the copy button. With that it is much more clear, that the field has past values. Regards.
  9. Jens mentioned it above, but I missed the feature, because it was "between" the lines. Right clicking to any field provides a context menu with an option for "history". The complete history of a field is also inside the JSON export. Well done! For me an important feature, because it is not longer necessary to duplicate an item to archive older attributes. Regards.
  10. Hello, I was expecting the worth from all those thing I have read in the past weeks. But the macOS version feels great. Yes, it hasn't the look and feel from macOS in general, but all elements are looking smooth and not "dirty" in any way. After im-/exporting an attachment the modification and creation date of the file is lost. Please also fix this. I don't wanna use the categories anymore. Is there a way to remove them in total? I like only using tags. As I said, I was expecting much more mess. But I can't share the criticism from the blog. Keep going on with the way and I also appreciate, that the team works with focus on quality instead of speediness to launch a release. There is no rush to finalize the version 6 in short term - we all have version 5 we are living with since years. Regards.
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