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  1. @Pratyush Sharma Last topic I like to push Any news to that? The current organisation of attachments isn't that much helpful. Please have a look the example of the initial post. Thanks.
  2. @Pratyush Sharma Hello. Any news to that? It is absolutely impractical to get (new) items to the Apple Watch. Please add an option to simply mirror a vault to the Apple Watch. Thanks.
  3. @Pratyush Sharma Hello. Some news on that? This should be very easy to implement and brings a big advantage to share the WiFi-Password.
  4. @Pratyush Sharma Hello. I like to ask, if there is something new? This is a privacy issue using Enpass with the Apple Watch. Are there some news to that? Just to repeat: - mirror an item to Apple Watch - show the item on the Apple Watch - every protected field becomes instant visible - scroll to the item with multiple fields, every protected field will be visible Solution: - every protected field should be ••••••••••••• - a finger tap on the protected field should show the protected field Thanks for pushing this issue to the developers again
  5. @Kashish Please add this to the wish list. At the moment it is hard to add an item to the Apple Watch. Every item has to be selected manually. A simply option under the Apple Watch preferences: [x] Sync favorites [x] Sync vault That would help that much! Sync favorites should be the default option, if a user enables the Apple Watch support. Regards.
  6. Hello @Kashish I like to ask, if there is something new? I am a lil bit disappointed, that this privacy issue doesn’t becomes addressed. Thanks. Regards.
  7. Hello @Kashish I like to ask if there is some progress? In my opinion it is a privacy issue and should be get addressed instantly. Thanks. Regards.
  8. Thanks @Kashish That would be an awesome feature. Add a checkbox “update existing items” to the Enpass JSON import action. If that would be possible everyone can write own batch modifications to the JSON file. With that an API wouldn’t be that much important. Regards.
  9. I wish that, too But I am thinking about a workaround: Exporting the Enpass wallet as JSON. Modify the JSON in any ways. Import the JSON to Enpass. I didn’t try this so far by my own, because I don’t know if Enpass will update the entries by ID. @Kashish @Anshu kumar Can somebody of you describe what happens re-import the exported JSON file? Will this update the current entries? Inside every item there is an ID. With that it would be possible If so, that would be a hot topic for a blog post. With that knowledge everybody can program his own batch script for cleanup, add favicon etc. Regards.
  10. Hello @Kashish I am currently reading the linked text. I am a little bit shocked because the explanation isn’t right. It is that much easy to collect the favicons. All the data is included in the head of the html output file of a request. For me that explanation in the text doesn’t make sense. - request to www.my-page.com - get the html source - look for the header and collect the favicon meta entries - follow the path/url - got the favicon I did this in the past multiple times. No problem. With the decision providing an own server you always have to pay and maintain an additional thing. You also have the whole traffic. I cannot understand this. Currently, the favicons are not embedded to the Enpass items. I prefer this. Maybe an optional and additional way. I like to see: - edit an entry - in the context menu to the image “fetch favicon” - embed the requested image to the entry I like Enpass and I appreciate the work of the team. Thanks. Regards.
  11. Just for info and please don’t take it as a “no”. For me this option should only be an optional behavior. Within an entry I have a lot of items with multiple hidden fields. The key should not make all fields visible. Possible behavior (suggestion): Item with one hidden field, key make it visible. Multiple hidden fields, just make the focused field (mouse inside) visible. Just a thought to this wish Regards
  12. Thanks @Kashish Nice to hear that this problem gets addressed Please also focus the watch sync. It is currently that hard to handle. Please add an option sync all favorites or optional a safe, too. The data of Enpass is that small, that it doesn’t have any negative effect to the watch. Thanks.
  13. It would be nice to have a field type of HomeKit code. Add an action button to pop up a HomeKit code image to scan. Having a lot of HomeKit devices is currently hard to manage. All people I know sticking the codes to a sheet of paper.
  14. It would be nice to have a password marked as WiFi key. Add an action button to pop up a QR code. With that it would be handy to share WiFi passwords much more easily. Not an important wish, but a “nice to have”.
  15. I have some activation graphics stored in Enpass. It would be nice after initial starting the new mobile phone to scan the activation graphics instantly from the watch. On the Apple Watch: - start Enpass - scroll to the stored entry - tap on the (hopefully new upcoming) attachment(s) row - Enpass shows the attachment (if it is an image) With that, simply scan the activation graphic with the mobile phone
  16. @Anshu kumar At the moment all fields incl. hidden/protected fields are completely instant visible when opening the Apple Watch entry. That is not very nice! A field should be only visible after tapping it. For the programmer that should be done in minutes :-p
  17. @Anshu kumar It would be also nice, to simply add an option "sync favourites to apple watch". > Apple Watch sync x - sync vault A, B, C etc. x - sync favourites I think there is not need for manually selecting items, which should sync to the Apple Watch. The current way is to much work and very wasting of time to handle the Apple Watch sync. Regards.
  18. Hello @Anshu kumar any news for that? Thanks. Regards.
  19. Hello, I was thinking about managing attachments and I have a strong recommendation: Add a new field type "attachment". With that, attachments can simply re-order within an item. Every user has different priorities and so every user can arrange it individually. Example - Item: [ section : Login ] url: url-to-my-customer-web{dot}com user: my-name pw: abc [ section : VPN ] adress: profile: my-profile-file <------ attachment file as field here [ section : email ] imap: imap{dot}company{dot}com user: my-name{at}custome{dot}com pw: def certificate: my-certificate-file <------ attachment file as field here With the new field type "attachment" I only see advantages. Suggestion to migrate the old attachment management: - add a new section "Attachments" - add a new field with the type "attachment" for every attachment file Regards. #pio93qwertz
  20. Hello, referencing to this topic: I am using Enpass more than manage passwords. With the new version, which offers sections, I also add a section with "personal data". In that section I am adding the personal info I added to the online account for the specific login, Example #1: [ section: Login] login/url: amazon.com email: PeterParker@icloiud.com pw: *** [ section: Personal Data] Name: Peter Parker line numbe: +1 12345 6789 mobile number: +1 098734 23423 [ section: accounting] IBAN: AT 00000100007 Example #2: [ section: Login] login/url: amazon.com email: hello@company.com pw: *** [ section: Personal Data] company name: My Company line numbe: +1 12345 6789 VAT ID: AT123456789 [ section: accounting] credit card: 123 456 789 0 Collecting this info in Enpass I know every time where I have to go if something change. My feature request: Offer a special window to manage "base data". Within in login items there should be a possibility to simply tick the used data. Regards. #pio93qwertz pio93qwertz pio93qwertz
  21. Hello Enpass developers, I like using tags. So much advantages instead of folders. But we need smart folders/groups, too. Every Mac user knows them. Create a smart folder which automatically updates its content. With a rule editor it is so easy to "filter" a set of entries. For example: email is hello@icloud.com AND tag name is money AND tag name IS NOT money:monthly Example image below… Regards, #PIO
  22. Hello, I also like to see an improvement of setting tags. At the moment we have to type it again and again and a typo is done fast. I recommend using token field which offers free typing and autocompletion. Thanks. #PIO
  23. Hello. in my opinion no special need for that. It can perfectly handled by tags. A big value of tags is, that an item can be sorted in multiple „folders“ at the same time. A big advantage than the standard folders in the past. For your example: ToDo ToDo:2FA ToDo:Password Table I also marked my items in this way. Hopefully I showed an alaternative way to solve your task. Regards, #PIO
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