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  1. Hello, okay, thanks for your answer. This is great news for all users who use Firefox.
  2. Hi, to developers, please add into Enpass extension for Firefox support MultiThread alias Electrolysis I use chrome and Firefox, more prefer Firefox, but because Enpass extension not support Electrolysis and disable multithread, so I must more using chrome. Because Firefox without multithread is soon slower than chrome Is here some chance that will be Enpass extension support Electrolysis?
  3. Hi Enpass Team, please one feature request, I mean, that this feature many people will welcome with open hands: * add into Enpass Keyboard: add on spacebar button option longpress what show keyboard selection, same as is have original Google GBoard Because for example I using 95% time GBoard and only for web and passwords I switching on EnPass Keyboard,. Switch from GBoard on EnPassKeyboard is easy and fast, long press spacebar But switching back from EnPassKeyboard on GBoard is not so good, because I always must click on some text field on web and after slide down Notification center in android phone and here click on keyboard options, and select back GBoard. See you different? between "switching from gboard to enpaskeyboar" and "switching from enpasskeyboard back to gboard" And this you can easy fix, that add on enpasskeyboard on spacebar same function as gbourd - spacebar longpress = change/selection keyboard (as have it gboard as popup window) only additional information: for example I, I have OnePlus 3 and this 5.5inch phone is harder slide notification center down and switch back on gboard. this is second item why is good request add into enpasskeyboard longpress on spacebar as switch keyboards. In my eyes, I mean that when Enpass Team add this feature into enpass keyboard, that it create BETTER USER EXPERIENCE sorry for my bad english
  4. I using in enpass export function. Into previous version exist option only export into .txt file in txt file works / support hooks and commas in letters. Last version enpass 5.4 brings new feature in export "CSV". It's big news and I am + for this. Really thanks enpass team for this feature :-) But I have with CSV two problems, one smaller and one bigger: 1) first problem, why is default exported csv this name? xxx.csv.txt? This is bug or what 2) second probem, bigger for my language (czech language), that exported csv file not support hooks and commas in letters Please is planned fix problem number 2? I use exporting and I prefer file csv versus txt but we need hooks and commas in exported txt files are hooks and commas okay and works, only in csv not :-/ Thanks for answer
  5. @Anshu kumar Hi, small question on you - how many time need for switch from alpha/beta release (testing version) into new finale release? I know that this never have specific time on minutes,hours,days. Only +- eta days/weeks/months. Thanks
  6. Please add in future releases option have enpass keyboard with other languages as czech languages etc. Or create option how add button into default. I love Enpass from first moment what I see this app but on mobile is this one minus what I see. Because now for select user and password in browser I must always switch keyboard select password and after again switch back on keyboard in my language.
  7. What is different between STANDART DEKSTOP VERSION and UWP VERSION on windows 10 x64 anniversary update? Because when I try find some difference here, on this website, so I not find any other features etc (I mean standart windows version versus windows uwp version).
  8. I have a suggestion for a function that would be great to add. (for information: I use standart windows version, not uwp, and on mobile I have android version) Now I have in my operation system "Windows 10 Anniversary" as second method how login into my system via fingerprint reader (via my android phone with fingerprint reader OnePlus 3). It would be great if you would add the ability to log into the application Enpass also via finger print reader. Still keep the first method as Master Password, but add it into Enpass application a second option as login via fingerprint reader. I mean that this feature in future Welcomed by more and more people. When now have more and more phones quality fingerprint reader.
  9. Hi, iam new on platform Enpass. Can someone with more skills say, how I can set good Enpass for login on website net2ftp.com? I ask because I cannot find how set automatical set field "FTP server". Now Enpass automatical set fields User and Password but not FTP server I want to thank everyone who give some information/help.
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