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  1. Hello, I need urgent help. On my Mac, the desktop version of Enpass is extremely slow and it crashes all the time. (Error reports already sent to Apple several times). I have 11 vaults (matching via WebDAV) and a total of 2300 entries. I wonder if this is too much and how much one vault can handle in entries? Furthermore, I've had the problem three times now that when I crash, the registration for the Pro version flies out and then the vaults are no longer there. I then have to completely uninstall the software and set it up again. This is a pain in the ass! I need help urgently, what is the reason for this. Enpass is the app I use the most during the day. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  2. Is it possible to consider this for the future. So that this is programmed for the desktop version? Many providers only show the QR code.
  3. I miss in Enpass the function that I can scan a corresponding QR code on the Mac for the 2FA procedure of one-time code and then directly this is entered into the card in Enpass. Is there a possibility that this is also still built in like 1Password?
  4. Hello, I switched from 1Password to Enpass and now I have a problem with opening attachments on Mac. I have in various cards for example a PDF file (no image). When I want to open that on the Mac, I have to save it to disk first, and then I can open it only. In 1Password I could open it at least with the app "Preview" (press the space bar). Is it possible that here Enpass is rebuilt that I can open data directly? Thanks a lot Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  5. Hi, is it possible, that enpass load the icons of the website or account, which ich use. For example paypal? Until today i use 1Password. And there they load the Icon, after entering the Website URL. Thanks
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