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  1. After running on the non-beta version since my last message, I am happy to report that this issue is now gone. Again big thanks for the pointer! I did originally install (and purchase) from Play Store, but Aptoide took it upon itself to upgrade the version installed from there. As I have now learned, this was the source of the problem. BTW, on an unrelated issue (and sorry to hijack this thread, but since I have your attention), I do have a few other observations from a few weeks of use: 1. Could you add duplicate detection? At least for title this would be very helpful, as I have fo
  2. OBTW, I should point out that I was not using Aptoide to freeload - I am a paying, registered user. But I guess maybe you need to use Play Store (for purchases) to actually unlock >20 entries anyway?
  3. Thanks for the pointer, I've now downgraded to the version you suggested. Will run it a few days and see how I fare. So far it does look more promising. For the record, I wasn't aware that what I was running was a beta version. It didn't come from Google's Play store, but from Aptoide, where as far as I could tell it was not flagged as Beta.
  4. I'm a new user, and since installing recently, I've been very happy with the Enpass feature set and value offering. One major gripe, however, is its CPU use on Android. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S9 running Pie (April security patch level, recent kernel), with what I believe are quite common Enpass settings. As long as Enpass is running (which I prefer it to be so I can enter my PIN, not always my rather long master code), it will continually gobble up more or less all available CPU (at least >1 full core), to the point that my phone gets hot, and maintenance tools find it necessary to wa
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