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  1. After running on the non-beta version since my last message, I am happy to report that this issue is now gone. Again big thanks for the pointer! I did originally install (and purchase) from Play Store, but Aptoide took it upon itself to upgrade the version installed from there. As I have now learned, this was the source of the problem. BTW, on an unrelated issue (and sorry to hijack this thread, but since I have your attention), I do have a few other observations from a few weeks of use: 1. Could you add duplicate detection? At least for title this would be very helpful, as I have found often found myself adding entries I already have, which can cause problems. Of course, doing a search before adding would solve it, and I can usually sort things out by looking at the last edited date to figure out which is the more recent entry, but all this could be avoided if I simply got a dialog asking me if I was sure I wanted to add an entry with the same name as an existing one. 2. Could you add Duplicate to the entry context menu? For custom fields etc, there's the template system, but some entries will have very similar contents, with only a few values differing. For these, duplicating an entry would save a lot of time - it's much quicker to delete the values that differ than to enter everything again and again. 3. Is the browser extension supposed to work on Firefox for Android, or only on Desktop? I can't seem to get it authorized - maybe there's a trick to it. Thanks again!
  2. OBTW, I should point out that I was not using Aptoide to freeload - I am a paying, registered user. But I guess maybe you need to use Play Store (for purchases) to actually unlock >20 entries anyway?
  3. Thanks for the pointer, I've now downgraded to the version you suggested. Will run it a few days and see how I fare. So far it does look more promising. For the record, I wasn't aware that what I was running was a beta version. It didn't come from Google's Play store, but from Aptoide, where as far as I could tell it was not flagged as Beta.
  4. I'm a new user, and since installing recently, I've been very happy with the Enpass feature set and value offering. One major gripe, however, is its CPU use on Android. I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S9 running Pie (April security patch level, recent kernel), with what I believe are quite common Enpass settings. As long as Enpass is running (which I prefer it to be so I can enter my PIN, not always my rather long master code), it will continually gobble up more or less all available CPU (at least >1 full core), to the point that my phone gets hot, and maintenance tools find it necessary to warn me about the anomaly taking place in my system. Needless to say, this also has a very adverse effect on battery life, which has dropped drastically since I set up Enpass. Clearly there's a bug here. Is it known? What help can I offer to isolate and pin it down? And until such time, what workarounds should I be looking at, apart from stopping Enpass from running in the background? I've seen scattered posts alluding to the accessibility service, so that's where I'll start experimenting first. Any help would be greatly appreciated, be it from staff, subject matter experts, or even just a "me too" from anyone who's seen anything similar to this. Thanks.
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