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  1. Well, calm down, we're not 12 here. It's weird how people are saying that they leave Enpass due to new subscription-based licensing, while MOST of other password managers always had this model and still have it now. It's everyone's choice whether or not to continue using products or look for alternatives. That's exactly why I was waiting for a reply, so I can make a decision. @Pratyush Sharma thanks for the information, appreciate it.
  2. So, it's been a few months. @Anshu kumar any chance you can comment on this feature request? Is it coming, should we look around for other solutions? I must say, I've switched to Pinebook Pro (aarch64) as my primary laptop outside of work and I'm really missing a password manager there.
  3. With a rising popularity of Pine64 products (Pinebook[ Pro], PineTab, PinePhone) I would forsee more people wanting to use Enpass on ARM-based linux machines, are you guys ready to re-visit ARM support in 2020?
  4. It seems like changelog for linux version is also at 6.2.0, so "version 6.3.3" below linux download link is very misleading. In any case something needs to be fixed
  5. It looks like yum repository is seriously out of date. I'm running Fedora 31 and latest available version is stuck at 6.2.0 for a long time now. Here is an output from dnf. dnf --showduplicates list enpass Installed Packages enpass.x86_64 @enpass Available Packages enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass enpass.x86_64 enpass I've re-downloaded repo file before trying to make sure I have correct repo in use.
  6. My wife have this problem both on Windows and Android; Mine are working fine since Linux version is still 6.2 but Android is 6.3. Looks like Windows version corrupts TOTP?
  7. With latest update of Enpass Firefox extention, the build-in manager stopped working and does not filling or even suggesting already saved login/passwords. I've tried and after removal of the extension - functionality restores. I would really like to have control over this behaviour if that's expected. I'm running Fedora 30 KDE and Firefox 69/70
  8. Hm, I've removed the extension, closed browser and installed it again, seems to be working now.
  9. @Vinod Kumar I actually have two machines, both have authenticated browser, but on one machine it works, on another it still shows error and extension does not work. $ lsof -i:10391 COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAME Enpass 5261 <username> 30u IPv4 41930 0t0 TCP *:10391 (LISTEN) I'm using Firefox 63.0.3 installed from official Fedora repos (@updates)
  10. Same issue, is there an extension update that comes with a new app version?
  11. I've started to have same issues yesterday that you posted above. With no configuration changes to the systems where I use Enpass.
  12. @Anshu kumar Do you guys have a bug tracker to see what's already have been reported and what are you working on? Honestly, I find that Enpass 6 is barely usable in a day-to-day operations right now on Linux, at least for me and I'm not sure what's the best format to report all these things. I see that worst things are obviously reported here, but still there are things here and there, that makes it very-very difficult to use and some are just concerning.
  13. May be you want to consider the name change for these parameters since it keeps getting people confused?
  14. Yeah, this is to me looks like a confusing part and I'm not sure if the wording is really good. The "Last Synchronized" field shows when was the last time data was changed and synced TO the device. "Last Attempt" - shows when the data was last time checked for relevance. So, if you DID change data in the cloud and press Sync Now, both field will match, if you DIDN'T change anything in the cloud and press Sync Now then Last Attempt will update, but Last Sync will be at previous value.
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