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  1. You don't even have iptables? There are dependencies check in Arch for enpass, right? It's up to developers to comment here because I have no knowledge how exactly browser extension works, but sound like some component missing since it's Arch and you could've miss it!? I know they ship own libs with Enpass, but not all. Sorry, no other ideas :(

  2. @Ankur Sahu

    Also with a cold boot I have this issue with an icon. Does not reproduce after reboot, but after shutdown, that's what I get. Relaunching an app fixes it. Switching from Light to Dark mode keep this bizarre icon background.


    UPD: looks like a one time thing, if you restart app issue does not exist after that. Still happening if you do a fresh install.


  3. 8 minutes ago, Vinod Kumar said:

    Hi all,

    RPM package creation is easy. We can certainly provide that for download but we don't have limited resources to maintain rpm repos.  

    What kind of repo (yum, dnf or zypper ) will be suitable for all rpm based distros ? I would like to have your comments on this.

    My understanding is, if RPM creation is easy you can upload to RPMfusion and don't maintain your on repo.

  4. 24 minutes ago, Vinod Kumar said:

    Hi @Alex Gurenko,

    The notification issue is not reproducing in our test lab. It seems that underlaying Qt (shipped with Enpass) framework is not playing well with D-Bus notification systems on some cases. I would like to have your feedback on the issue in upcoming beta, as we will be shipping new version of Qt with it.

    Do you have an ETA for the new beta?

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