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  1. I don't know why this was closed, the problem is still there. I have not been able to store a single Password other than using it manually, which completely defeats the purpose of this application. I sent you multiple support emails and other than ticket numbers I have not received a reply. I ensure that all apps and my OS are always up to date. At this point we (my partner and I both) would prefer a refund for both the Mac app and the iOS app and we will go back to using 1Password.
  2. I just switched from 1Password to Enpass because I didn't like the subscription they now offer. The desktop app is on par. But 1Password for iOS has a much better autofill feature, it's faster and uses the same screen like Apple's native keychain feature, meaning when entering a password in another app or browser, the 1Password app doesn't open at all, it ONLY shows the FaceID/TouchID screen, whereas Enpass app shows the blue screen, I cringed when I saw that and it actually made me regret the switch as I am all for speed and minimalism. Is there a way to deactivate this ugly blue screen?
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