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  1. Is an update planed soon? It's kinda annoying being unable to edit entries on my mac. Thank you
  2. Hello, Enpass Version 6.5.2 won't show up with MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.6. Safari Extension still works. BR
  3. Hello, I have a request: In 1Password you can press "alt" inside of the Application to display the password. For now with Enpass I always have to click on the eye logo next to the Password to display it. This would be a nice feature. Thank you Regards
  4. Hello @Pratyush Sharma, will it then be possible to customize the shortcuts at the bottom (iOS)? For the moment I have "All entries | Groups | Check | Settings". In my case I don't need "all entries" and "check" for instance. I would prefer to replace those by "credit cards" and "logins" and be able to set on category as "default", so that when I open the App I'll be directly in that defined tab. Greetings EDIT: Just note that with custom template is another feature as my request. Please see my message in this case a a possible new request EDIT2: An overview about the features that are on your roadmap would be nice and would avoid unnecessary requests
  5. Same for me. Seems like Enpass recognise only few big websites like Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, Netflix, Twitch ....
  6. Hey guys, I just moved from 1password to Enpass since I was looking for a cross-platform (iOS, OSX, Windows) solution and I didn't wanted to pay for a subscription. Everything works nice and the import from my 1Password datas was very fast. Now I just tried to update the Safari Browser Shortcut to <cmd>+<enter> as I was using it in 1Password. This is unfortunately not working: "Not able to capture the shortcut". I even tried to update the file saved under: ~/Library/Group Containers/7ADB8CC6TF.in.sinew.Enpass-Safari-Group/Library/Preferences No success. Could you please help me on that point? (I am using a french keyboard) Regards, Ast67
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