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  1. As Enpass did not reply, I bought a "Lifetime Premium" licence via StackSocial for around $30 (for those of you interested: hurry up as the promo will end in a couple of days). As I still had some money on my Stacksocial account for previous purchases I even paid $8 less. To resume this rather disappointing matter I have to determine that the Enpass service is far from acceptable (if not lousy) and that the only reason for me continuing the use of this software is comparable to my continuing use of Apple products which I also do not consider being of quality anymore but something like the lesser evil. Note to Enpass: lifetime should be lifetime – if you ever should decide that after Pro and Premium there should be Emperor or Excelsior licences, however, it will be without me. In the meantime I’ll enjoy leaving some comments here and there about the Enpass service approach. Thanks for nothing!
  2. Dear Enpass team, there seems to be some sort of a communication problem as I received absolutely no answer from your mail address support@enpass.io. I wrote twice (Fri, 3 Dec 2021 11:41:12 +0100 and Tue, 14 Dec 2021 09:49:23 +0100) and my messages didn’t bounce (I received replies from Enpass beforehand). I’m quite tired by this and would like to end my second class membership with Enpass. When I bought the Pro licence I never imagined that there would be a change in the licensing scheme taking me into some kind of a zombie customer position. This is ridiculous, thanks in advance for resolving this once and for all.
  3. Hi @Gulshan Dogra, Unfortunately, I’ve never seen or received any Premium Lifetime Upgrade Offer for Pro users – it appears to be a much too well hidden secret. I saw some promotional offers like the $24.99 one from Stacksocial for new users but never anything for your existing user base. In my case I bought two licences: one for iOS/iPadOS and one for macOS, the latter one now given away for free, right? So I paid a total of around $7 less for Pro than Premium would have cost at e. g. Stacksocial and do not really understand why there are two licence universes at all. And probably like other Pro users I’m beginning to ask myself the question about this weird parallel universe I’m involuntarily living in as compared to the more comfortable one of Premium users. Well, I thought Pro would be situated more or less at the same level as Premium but I was obviously wrong. It seems to me there is no clear communication about this anywhere. Please accept my apologies if I’m wrong. Thanks, I just did that and am eagerly waiting for the response. Perhaps you disagree but the 2FA Identification feature already would be a security feature we Pro users did not get. And while I do not need Sync over WiFi (Cloudless Sync) I’d appreciate 2FA Identification. So it seems that Pro will never be a convenient solution for anyone if compared to Premium as Pro users have no influence at all about the features Enpass is deciding to include or not. This most definitely is not something owners of a lifetime licence ever did imagine.
  4. Same here, enquiring minds want to know. It is completely incomprehensible that those who supported Enpass from the beginning and left their positive opinion in all those app stores for other users to know (or recommended it to their friends and family) have now to accept to be forced to buy a new lifetime licence again or change into a subscription scheme they hated from the beginning. If this should be the case at least I will not accept it without an adequate battle, give up Enpass completely and/or will at least do the same publicity as before but now in a very negative way. I published several IT magazines and am not motivated at all to tolerate such a behaviour.
  5. Same here on macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) on an iMac (Retina 5K, 27 inch, 2017, 4,2 GHz Intel Core i7, 40 GB RAM). Quite often when I’m waking the iMac from sleep the small Enpass window (not the main application!) is showing up asking me to unlock like if I was visiting a website needing a password (which I don’t). The window is always showing were the mouse pointer is. The phenomenon suddenly appeared a couple of months ago. Since recently I’m using Safari version 14.0 (14610. but the problem occurred already with older versions of Safari.
  6. Same here using the same computer with the same macOS, except that it is Enpass 6.1.2 now (already happened/started with 6.1.1). I’ve only 59 items in one vault and am using WebDAV instead of anything in any cloud. The database location has never been changed but the memory leak nevertheless appears the longer the application remains active until it’s not usable anymore.
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