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  1. Hi I paid for android app but it still won't work. Following is email exchange. Kindly check it out. Still in purchase detect wrong playstore account to chk. It can be corrected by chking agaist all accounts. On Tue, 14 Feb at 11:56 AM , Jaspreet Singh <mail@jas.bio> wrote: I bought enpass on andro
  2. Hey @Hemant Kumar Thx for writing back. Let me float a raw idea, where you can split the application into core and UI. Now core part is opensource and you keep the UI closed source. Core: Database Encryption code Authentication (Most important: This should pop up UI to enter master password and grant temporary access to UI without revealing master password) Let me know if you get the gist; ping me back if something is unclear Thx Hey @Unsay Never asked to make it free. I hope @Hemant Kumar makes allot of money thx
  3. Hey @Hemant Kumar Just tagging you in to check out what's your take on this? Thx
  4. Hi @Gajender Singh @Anshu kumar Proposed Changes In chrome browser extension each item should have password generator icon; which should autofill the standard update password form; and update the password on item as well. (Right now I had to do allot of manual steps) Standard update password page has three fields Current password New password Repeat new password (optional but usually thr) PS: You can add new item field of "Update URL" and capture this url upon first manual update; so next time you can update the password directly from the enpass app; or eve
  5. Hi @Anshu kumar @Gajender Singh Diceware has 10 word limit; is there reason for it? I would the limit to be higher for more security critical accounts. Thx
  6. Hey I would like suggest open sourcing the project and come up with Enterprise Edition. I think that will be great move!! Thx Jaspreet Singh
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