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  1. Just an idea which might cause this issue. My vault file was locked on Nextcloud. I removed the file lock on Nextcloud to re-enable enpass vault synchronisation again. This morning enpass did not crash on the first attempt after sleep mode. I also upgraded to MacOS 12.1 in the meantime. BTW: Feature request: If enpass is not able to synchronise the vault, please inform the user that there might be an issue with synchronisation. Otherwise, the vaults will run out-of-synch on multiple devices.
  2. Same on MacOS Monterey with AppStore version. This issue exists for a long time. I never reported it. How to produce: Once MacOS has been woke up from sleep (needs to be a longer time, e.g. over night) and Enpass App Icon on Safari has been clicked it asks for the PIN. After entering the PIN, Enpass crashes. Please find the stack trace attached. txt files are not allowed. Hence, I renamed it to plist. enpass_monterey_stacktrace.txt.plist
  3. Hi, Autofill Popup is not working (does not appear) on my Safari on MacOS Monterey. It is working on Chrome on MacOS but on Safari 15.1 the behaviour has not been changed. Anything I can do to fix it? Thanks
  4. You need to create an application password from inside nextcloud. Go to settings -> security -> devices & sessions and create a new one. Copy the generated password and reconfigure your Enpass nextcloud settings using the app password instead of the login credentials.
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