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  1. macudo

    Bugs in 6.5.0 (700)

    I have the same issues like "kuk" cannot change the name of Sections. If i rename a section and safe the changes, it dos not make the change at all. It still displays the old sections name.
  2. macudo

    Dark Mode

    In the Apple Devices you have to set the Dark Mode in the Control Center. Dark Mode on Apple Devices is available in iOS 13. If you have activated it on the Device, Enpass will start automatically with the Dark Theme. https://www.howtogeek.com/440078/how-to-enable-dark-mode-on-your-iphone-and-ipad/
  3. macudo

    Dark Mode

    As i know, the Dark Mode will be activated automatically when it is set to the device himself. Means that you have to activate the Dark Mode in macOS System Preferences.Same on iOS Device. Then Enpass shows the Dark Mode. It would be nice if the Dark Mode cold be activated even when in the macOS System the Light mode is active.
  4. Ok, i have deleted the Folder from iCloud Drive without any problem. All is ok. Enpass works on all my devices without any issue.
  5. Hallo, i have installed the newest Enpass Version on my Devices and all is working fine. i sync them in iCloud. But i noticed that there is an older Folder in iCloud Drive called Enpass that contains a File called "sync_default.walletx" from 2018 Is this still the Sync Folder of the Enpass 6.3.0? If not, can i delete this Folder? And where dos it come from? Thank you.
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