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  1. Seconded. I'm running into the exact same issue on Mac and Android versions across multiple machines just since the last update. Edit: After re-checking, maybe I spoke to soon on the Android version... but definitely seeing this across multiple Macs.
  2. ValZho

    Bugs in 6.5.0 (700)

    I've run across 2 bugs since updating to Enpass 6.5.0 (700). These aren't showstoppers, but they are super annoying. I am now unable to double-click on an item to edit it. Double-clicking an item does nothing. When viewing a record (not editing), multi-line fields now have a massive amount of space added to them. At first, I thought all the other fields were getting deleted, but figured out that I could scroll down to get to them. Confirmed both of these issues on two different Macs, one running 10.15 and the other running 10.14. Please fix ASAP! Thanks!
  3. Hopefully a simple request... on desktop (Mac in my case... maybe others are different) when a user clicks on a copy-to-clipboard button in the interface, there should be some type of animation or user feedback to indicate that the copy-to-clipboard happened. (I suggest an immediate background highlight (perhaps blue) that fades over about 1 second back to transparent.) As it is now, there is a highlight on the button only while the mouse is held down. If you just click on the button, 99% of the time it's so fast that you don't see any highlight / feedback at all. If the window isn't the frontmost window (maybe it's off to the side), the first click on the button (or anywhere) actually doesn't do anything, it just brings the window to the front. That combined with the occasional user error (missed clicking the button... off to the side or something) combines to make a somewhat frustrating experience. In essence, there's no feedback as to whether something was copied or not... until you go to paste and submit and... whoops! that wasn't the right password, or whoops! instead of pasting in that piece of data you just pasted in 5 paragraphs of text that you copied earlier. Out of necessity in real-world use I have developed the habit of clicking the copy button a jillion times like a rabbit in heat "just to be sure" that what I want copied is actually getting into the clipboard... and I find it frustrating and annoying every time. And ... speaking of first click just bringing the window to the front... maybe, if possible, it would be good to allow click-through for those buttons so that you don't have to bring the window to the front first just to copy something to the clipboard. I know I would love that.
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