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  1. Yes, in brave browser and chrome the keyboard integration doesn't work but accessibility works and autofills nicely. But in vivaldi, accessibility doesn't work and keyboard integration misses boxes
  2. I'm having the same issue with brave browser and chrome on my phone. I've tried reinstalling it but doesn't work Autofill and accessibility settings are turned on. Enpass 6.8.2 666 Android 11, Samsung A12
  3. Still doesn't work. I've discovered the problem might be Vivaldi. I've tried to restore the database and used chrome instead of vivaldi and it worked. The problem is with vivaldi, I'm not redirected back to the app
  4. I've tried with Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive. All saying same thing The desktop app is fine. The issue is on the mobile app. I'm using v6.8.2.6666 on OneUI 3.1 Android 11
  5. Both OneDrive and Dropbox refuse to login and the app says it was cancelled by the user
  6. Hey johnq, I've also been experiencing this in v6.8.1 but in the changelog for v6.8.2 they've pointed out that they've fixed it. I'm not sure if they actually did cause I switched to using OneDrive instead and nextcloud for my other vault.
  7. Hey Silverscott, Ernst is right. With offline password managers such as Enpass there's no way to recover the master password once you've forgotten it. The only way for you now is to manually copy and paste the entries to a new vault since you also can't export without the master password. Never forget your master password...that's why it's called a master password.
  8. I've tried the new 6.8.2 beta and it looks like you just fixed the autofill of the websites I told you about. But some others still don't work
  9. Webpages like trakt, animixplay.to, my university portal, airdroid....and it's only safe to assume others as well which I don't know about. When I try autofilling...only the password is filled and not username I only tried with the chrome browser and it was able to autofill perfectly without any issues in chrome. I didn't try any other browsers
  10. I use vivaldi browser on mobile and autofilling doesn't work on some websites. I tested autofilling in chrome and it was working fine for those websites but not on vivaldi. Please fix this cause I love using vivaldi. I'm on Android 11, One UI 4 and using Enpass and Vivaldi version 5.2.2620.56
  11. Autofilling using the Android Autofill Service still doesn't work. Whenever I tap on a field, either there is no inline autofill on the keyboard or enpass only autofills the password and not the username. Autofilling with Accessibility is the only one that works meaning I have to switch off the Android Autofill Service.
  12. I'm actually also testing it. I installed it last year and the desktop one wasn't as good as it is now. The android version still doesn't work since I tested ot last year. I've been using SafeInCloud Password Manager which works far much better in my opinion. Autofills fine even additional fields ON ANDROID and syncs nicely too.
  13. I have a login page that requires 3 fields to be filled. How do I do it on android?
  14. It autofills now but what about additional fields in android
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