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  1. Second that, would be great to have!
  2. I did absolutely miss that! Thanks for pointing it out to me! @Anshu kumar I'm happy to hear that you're working on some features already - can't wait!
  3. Hi, I changed to Enpass from 1Password because you guys support Windows and _Linux_ - and that's awesome! I've been using Enpass for some time now and it works very well for storing and filling passwords - I'm a developer myself, so props for fulfilling the main use cases Now, I wanted to suggest you some things that I learned to love about 1password and Enpass is still missing: * Track Generated Passwords: If I generate a new password using the extension (which I do almost exclusively), and the website accepts the new password, the extension doesn't always notice that I updated a password. In that case, I have only some seconds to realize that and paste the newly generated PW before the clipboard is emptied. This is quite annoying and it hasn't happend only once to me that I then had to reset the password because I had no idea about the 60 char random PW generated. The 1password browser extension has an option where it shows you the last generated password and the main application keeps a list of all generated passwords. So even if the extension doesn't update the password itself, you can later go into that list and manually update the password. This is the most major feature I wish Enpass had * Favorites in the Browser Extension (I'm using Chrome): when you open the extension by clicking the button, having your favorites there makes it so much more convenient to open them and log right in... it almost replaced my bookmarks... * Only Logins in the Browser Extension: 1password only shows the saved website logins in the extension... I don't feel like this is an unnecessary limitation since you already need the URL to identify which login to use... so when the Enpass extension shows me my stored bank accounts, it is actually just annoying since it is labeled very similar to my bank login but does absolutely nothing when I try to fill in the login info in the browser. At least adding an option to only show logins would effectively remove this issue. * Password History: When I change my password and the extension updates it, it would be great to have a history of the previous passwords. For example if something goes wrong with the password change, or just to look it up in case some other website did not yet get the update of a Single-Sign-On portal. * Secure Attachments: I like to attach some files to my passwords and in general keep sensitive files (of not too much size i.e. SSH keys, certificate files, scans of contracts, etc.) encrypted on my HDD and if my password manager supports that - and syncs it safely across my devices, that's a big bonus. * Explain how auto-fill chooses the password & other fields to fill: I checked your documentation in order to find how the browser extension determines which stored login to use for filling out the current website form and how it determines which values go into which fields - I failed. Now I'm sure you thought about some heuristic or at least consistent behavior on how to find the fields on the website and associate them with the fields stored, but right now I cannot find exactly how you do it (I did not yet check the source of the extension... I feel like that is a little too much effort). So if you would just add that info to the documentation, that would be great. * Browser extension validation: 1password has recently added an feature where the browser extension and the main application would require you to enter a displayed code from the extension into the main app to authenticate the extension and provide an additional safety net against MITM attacks. I don't fully remember the exact sequence, but it's something like I just described and I'm sure you will find documentation on it (and why the users shouldn't freak out about it ^^). I hope you made it until here, I know it's a lot of input, but I really think that Enpass would greatly benefit from it and that it could very well become a market leader. Your linux support together with a nice user interface is really an exception to most other password managers except maybe LastPass, but I for one, do not want to store all my passwords inside my browser and in the cloud... So please tell me what you think about my suggestions, I'd love to talk them over with you. Thanks for building such a good application and please keep up the good work!
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