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  1. confirmed it works. phew. thanks for the fast development response enpass team.
  2. http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/sinew-software-systems/enpass-password-manager/enpass-password-manager-5-4-6-release/enpass-password-manager-5-4-6-android-apk-download/ because of android apk signing, apk mirror can be used as a trusted source of the original apk as was uploaded to the playstore
  3. i can confirm that android + webdav is broken on 5.4.7 (not only for private certificates). reverting the apk to 5.4.6 is the only way to restore proper syncing behavior. this is a pretty large regression...
  4. awesome replies (you and the enpass team do a great job of cultivating community on these forums) i totally missed out on the keyboard shortcuts, thanks for letting me know. glad to hear future updates are resolving some of the noted issues too! keep up the great work.
  5. 1. [desktop] ctrl+f not only puts focus on the search field, but highlights any text currently in it entirely problem: when searching for an entry with ctrl+f and then coming back later and hitting ctrl+f to search for another entry, you have to manually backspace to remove the previous search entry. solution: instead, on ctrl+f, instead of just focusing on the search field, you could highlight the previous entry entirely, such that you can start typing a new entry. 2. [desktop] upon copying any field in an entry, minimize enpass.io problem: when clicking the icon to
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