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  1. confirmed it works. phew. thanks for the fast development response enpass team.
  2. http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/sinew-software-systems/enpass-password-manager/enpass-password-manager-5-4-6-release/enpass-password-manager-5-4-6-android-apk-download/ because of android apk signing, apk mirror can be used as a trusted source of the original apk as was uploaded to the playstore
  3. i can confirm that android + webdav is broken on 5.4.7 (not only for private certificates). reverting the apk to 5.4.6 is the only way to restore proper syncing behavior. this is a pretty large regression...
  4. awesome replies (you and the enpass team do a great job of cultivating community on these forums) i totally missed out on the keyboard shortcuts, thanks for letting me know. glad to hear future updates are resolving some of the noted issues too! keep up the great work.
  5. 1. [desktop] ctrl+f not only puts focus on the search field, but highlights any text currently in it entirely problem: when searching for an entry with ctrl+f and then coming back later and hitting ctrl+f to search for another entry, you have to manually backspace to remove the previous search entry. solution: instead, on ctrl+f, instead of just focusing on the search field, you could highlight the previous entry entirely, such that you can start typing a new entry. 2. [desktop] upon copying any field in an entry, minimize enpass.io problem: when clicking the icon to copy a field in an entry, you have to minimize to get to the app you need to paste the field in solution: generally, the app (ex: browser) is an app sitting behind enpass.io, so minimizing it will mostly be what you want (keypassx does this and it is extremely useful) 3. [desktop] key board shortcut to copy current entry username, password problem: currently, you have to use the mouse to copy any field in the entry solution: assign shortcuts for common fields (username, password, url) solution bonus: build this on top of (2) and you have a great feature from keypassx that is useful 4. [desktop + mobile] allow user to choose the filename of the wallet (not just the folder location) problem: desktop client forces the filename walletx.db but mobile sync forces the filename sync_default.walletx. thus desktop users can not use client sync libraries but are forced to use enpass.io sync feature. solution: allow desktop and mobile clients to choose the filename of their wallet, so users have more control over what sync clients to use. right now, desktop users have to maintain TWO wallets; a walletx.db AND a sync_default.walletx (if they wanted mobile to sync). 5. [android] as a new user, when choosing to restore from webdav, allow user to use same credentials to setup sync problem: after you restore from webdav, mobile app still needs sync to be setup, even though it is likely it will be the same credentials from the restore settings solution: allow users to choose not only to restore but save restore credentials as sync credentials, so they don't have to enter credentials twice 6. [desktop] allow desktop to remain unlocked even after laptop suspends / awakes problem: the mobile app can be quickly unlocked with fingerprint after master password was used once, but desktop locks on each suspend (which is often for laptops) solution: allow users to choose a pin or just leave app unlocked, even if laptop is suspended (basically, be on par with mobile flexibility) 7. [browser extension] allow shortcuts for individual fields, not just auto-fill problem: many sites just don't work with the enpass.io autofill and what you want is just quick access to individual fields (totp, username, password, url, etc) solution: allow browser extension to search for an entry and quickly copy/paste individual fields 8. [android] use of keyboard makes an enpass.io bottom bar appear even on other screens beyond what you used the keyboard for problem: after using the enpass.io keyboard, sometimes on future screens, even with the keyboard closed, you see a thin bottom bar on the bottom for enpass.io solution: remove the bar entirely, it isn't useful if the keyboard isn't showing. the notification is good enough for this 9. [android BUG] use of keyboard sometimes refreshes, causing entry to be lost. problem: when filling out a form that has many entries, notification can't be used. thus keyboard is a nice solution. but if keyboard refreshes, entry is lost. solution: have keyboard retain entry till keyboard is changed back to google keyboard, allowing for entry of longer forms
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