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  1. 6 hours ago, Chmimps said:

    I had this issue also. But I was able to solve it by reverting to 6.3.0 using Timemachine and syncing again. Sync worked with the 6.3.0 version. Then I downloaded the latest version from the AppStore (I didn’t see it in the update section but I searched for it as if I wanted to download a new application). I started Enpass again and tada... it synced correctly with the 6.3.1. I didn’t even have to reset Enpass or do whatever :D

    Hope it’ll help

    For the Mac machines it is possible to get the sync to work. I did not manage it on the windows machines.

  2. 3 hours ago, lucesan said:

    It seems I solved completely unistalling the app with app delete end reinstalling it from app store. Do a backup of the vault before and reimport it form scratch. You'll need to reinsert the registration code if you are a pro user and reconfigure everything (including browser extentions), but then it will correctly sync with icloud. I think the update corrupted some pref files.


    I had to make a clean install on one of my macs. After that, the sync was not working anymore. So I saved my vault locally and after that, deleted the app and also the data on iCloud. After reinstalling the app from the appstore, I synced again to iCloud and it worked. The windows machine on the other hand still has the sync problem and I cannot find a way to bring it back to work properly. 

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