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  1. Dear @Garima Singh Are you working on the fix for the windows app version? I have the same problem here with the sync, using the windows app version. Thanks in advance.
  2. As far as I know, they identified the problem. We are all waiting for the update containing the fix. Stay strong!
  3. I was told that the coming update will resolve the issue so I asked the support when the new update will be released. The answer was: "...update with the fixes will be available very soon" .... Hang in there folks...
  4. For the Mac machines it is possible to get the sync to work. I did not manage it on the windows machines.
  5. I had to make a clean install on one of my macs. After that, the sync was not working anymore. So I saved my vault locally and after that, deleted the app and also the data on iCloud. After reinstalling the app from the appstore, I synced again to iCloud and it worked. The windows machine on the other hand still has the sync problem and I cannot find a way to bring it back to work properly.
  6. I tried this right at the beginning. No luck for me.
  7. INFO: I opened a ticket and was told that they are aware of this issue. Problem will be fixed with the next update.
  8. I have the same problem on Windows 10.
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