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  1. If you have all vaults in Enpass selected, you currently cannot move or copy entries to other vaults (see disabled option in context menu "Zu Tresor hinzufügen"). If you have selected a single vault instead, you can move or copy to other vaults. This is something with low priority I guess, but may be changed quickly. Both technically and for usability, I don't see a reason for why this currently is as it is.



  2. Hi Kashish,

    I reinstalled the app some times, nothing changed. Autofill doesn't work on any website for me in Chrome.

    Just installed the extension for Firefox. Autofill and auto login both work for google.com, but not for amazon.com (only autofill here).

    So Firefox at least does something. In Chrome, I have only TOTP copying working always, autofill (and auto login afterwards) never. Auto login after manual fill via Enpass Chrome extension works.

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