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  1. Hello, I've bought a Premium License and I would like to know how I can change my Master Password of all my devices at once. I use a MacBook Pro, iMac, iPad and iPhone; and I don't like that If I change Master Password from my MacBook Pro, anyone with my old password can still access my Vault in my other devices. I hope my point is clear. Is it possible by hosting the Vault in the Cloud? so that if changing Master Password in one device, automatically affects all my devices in order to get in. Thank you for reading me.
  2. Thank you for your answer and for your time. So 1) would it be ok to re-use a Master Password that I had used before as a Master Password in Enpass in the past since Enpass doesn’t keep any records? I mean you don’t know when an user changes his/her Master Password? and 2) Even though data is encrypted in iCloud, do you have access to that encrypted data? Thank you once again.
  3. Thank you for your answer. I didn’t understand well since when I change my Master Password in one device, I have to also change it in my other devices in order for them to keep synced. So I thought my Master Password syncs (travels) via iCloud. Am I wrong? Thank you.
  4. Hello, I think this question may be for Enpass Stuff. If I changed my Master Password using iCloud Sync, I understand Enpass can't have access to my current Master Password but I would like to know if Enpass can have access to my old (changed) Master Password used in iCloud Sync. Thank you.
  5. Hello, I forgot my Masterpassword Mac Desktop App (right after I changed it), so I understand I have no way back in to the Mac App. Luckily I also use Premium version in iPhone and iPad and I still have access in iOS devices using old Masterpassword. From my iPhone / iPad I can create a 2nd Vault and export that data. 1) Please, I would like what is the best practice to set again Enpass Mac Desktop App (with info I can export from a 2nd Vault created in my iPhone / iPad) and from the newly set Enpass Mac Desktop app sync to my other devices. 2) When I tried to export data (as a test) from my iOS device to the newly installed Enpass Mac Desktop App, it only allows me to do it without using a key file that I previously had (with key file, when I tried to import from that backup in my Enpass Mac Desktop App, it wouldn’t recognize the Password, but if I try to export from 2 Vault without key file, backup works fine in my Enpass Mac Desktop App. I would like to export data from 2nd Vault (I can create in my iOS device) using a key file. Thank you. Thank you for reading me and for your help.
  6. Hello, I have a paid account I would please like to know if I can add 2FA to my Enpass account? . Thank you.
  7. Hello, I'm a premium user, and I would like to change my keyfile (generating a different one). How can I do that? Thank you.
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