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  1. +1 for multi-vault support. Until then I'm staying with 1Password for the majority of my password management.
  2. Error on install (Enpass 5.5.8 Windows 10) When attempting to install as Administrator on Windows 10 64-bit I get the error shown in the attached screenshot. The installer claims Enpass is already running even though Enpass is not installed and there is no Enpass process running on the system.
  3. EnpassPortable 5.3.0 (59) on OSX 10.11.6 and also unable to get WebDAV sync to work. Android (paid) version syncs without any issues, but OSX version errors out with "Error code: -117". WebDAV server is nginx and the error message when attempting sync from OSX client is: 2016/11/19 21:09:41 [error] 12757#12757: *811 MKCOL can create a collection only, client:, server: , request: "MKCOL /sync/Enpass HTTP/1.1", host: "server.example.com"
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