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  1. I would really welcome an official version of an Enpass workflow/extension for Alfred! Because trusting a random GitHub repo in first place with all my passwords is killing a bit the meaning, and also it has to save the master password in keychain. And saving anything in keychain is as nearly as good as saving it in clear text in my opinion. (No offend to the plugin coder, it does his job, that's for sure, and thanks for sharing!) At least you could provide an API, that would be the best solving, since it would be able to be reused for any other kind of plugin like Alfred for example LaunchBar (obdev). @Gulshan Dogra
  2. i was going to buy endpass, and was very happy to say f** u to 1password, because of their pervert cloud fixation. and wlan sync is the only features which i really need!
  3. 1.: I heavily use WLAN sync between MacOS and iOS and i wish between MacOS and Windows. Does this have Wlan Sync? Because for WebDAV i would only use local server and my NAS is to loud to let it up all day. 2.: I have really no joke over 1000 Logins saved in 1Password, migrating them by hand is mad work, is there any importer option for 1Password?
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