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  1. It doesn't support 2FA for login to Enpass itself, but it DOES support 2FA for its record (login, etc). 2FA = TOTP on enpass, if your code doesn't work, try adjusting your clock to make sure it accurate. I personally use TOPT on enpass. Try again and make sure you scan the correct TOTP code. Try here: https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-desktop/totp.html https://www.enpass.io/docs/manual-android/totp.html
  2. Is there a quicker way to restore multiple vaults when i'm switching Device (Android/IOS) ? More than 5 Vault would truly be a hassle, we have to create vault, connect to cloud, enter vault password and repeat. I found out for OSX, you can just copy this folder below /Users/username/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop/ I think you should create some kind of QR code creation on Android/IOS for the account info, so we can easily just scan the code Thank You
  3. Is it possible to add a name of the vault when viewing "All Vault" Like if i have multiple entry with the same name i.e: "Passport", i can see the vault name right below the Title without having to click it first. Right now, I have to name the Title with explanation i.e: "Passport - Wife", "Passport - Son", etc Thank You
  4. I don't work for enpass, but I just want to say that whomever complaining about paying for the additional features Is CHEAP. Get real man, $10 is not a lot, even high school students can afford this x 3 OS = $30 (if you have this many OS, you should be able to afford $30). I personally think enpass has the best business model here, multiple Vault without additional $$ is a win for customer. IF you want the additional feature then pay for it, enpass didn't actually strip any feature from the free version, so quit your whinning. PS to OP, you're paying thousands $$$ for macOS, you can't afford ONE TIME PAYMENT OF $10 ? I get it if it's subscription and you got to pay monthly but It's ONE TIME. If you work instead of posting the thread, you'd be able to get that $10 by now.
  5. Just want to know if possible to have enpass integration with Alfred App like the other password manager ? I think it would be a good move for enpass because enpass will develop better branding as well as better feature for Mac OS customer. Thank You
  6. For some reason it's not showing any update on my playstore for Enpass Beta (yes I already part of Beta user in case anybody asked) Thanks
  7. Enpass, My Device: Xiaomi mi 6, Android 8 App crash (close by itself-not in recent app drawer) with no error msg, after moving (use move option) a few records (with and without attachment) to different vault It works for first 3 or 4 items, then app start crashing after each item move. Thanks
  8. Excellent Beta, but i'm having error on android if I got 2 TOTP record, always force close, i already submit my bug via the app report Thanks
  9. I actually experienced the same problem with fingerprint Authentication on Android 8.0 - Xiaomi Mi 6 my Solution was to Disable and Re-enable fingerprint from Enpass Settings (Not the Android fingerprint settings), make sure you close the apps completely upon disabling and re-enabling the fingerprint setting. Good luck
  10. Just wondering about the progress for version 6 that is supposedly being work on ? Thanks
  11. Hi, is it possible to add an extra layer of security for Sharing Records ? I understand that's it's already encrypted using the default enpass encryption (which every enpass can decrypt), Adding a popup box for encryption passphrase (or 4 digit PIN ) adding extra layer of security. So the encryption would be: Enpass default encryption + user passphrase Or 4 Digit PIN. Thank You
  12. Just wondering if the behavior of the search function doesn't work if I put trailing space at the end of the search strings, for example Searching for "Apple" Typing: "Apple" (no space at the end) --> Result is shown Typing: "Apple " (space at the end) --> result not shown. The reason i asked is because of some virtual keyboard, it has option to automatically put space after each word (which mine does).
  13. The Folder is just like below, nothing fancy (It's fine on OSX, but not showing in Android) || I FOUND OUT the error, turns out the apps behaviour did not automatically show all the side folders, so i have to manually long press > Edit > Show Folder in Sidebar. I actually thought it would show all folder in sidebar by default, then i would manually disable them, turns out it's the other way around. MainFolder |__ Sub-Folder1 |__ Sub-Folder2 Weird thing, I just created a new Folder (MainFolder), and it's not showing on android. Thanks for the reply, i'm happy that most of my concern are covered in the next release.
  14. Hi All, Just purchased enpass for Android yesterday and try to migrate some of my SafeinCloud stuff. Here’s some quirks/differences and/or questions i have: FOR ANDROID Is it possible to Add some sort of separation line on Android for Categories and Folders How come i cannot see some folder (I Named it “Others”) and it’s sub-folder on my android devices Can we see number of items on Sidebar (possible in OSX) Can copy function be 1 click/tap instead of 2 on Android Now, Click the field >> Click Copy button Can we create custom Categories ? FOR OSX/MAC (sorry if i put it here and not in the right categories) Can copy function be 1 click (by clicking the field), instead of the copy button Can open attachment function be 1 click (specially for jpg file which has built in viewer) Now, opening file would have to Click the file name >> Click Open Is it possible to change the background color of the note? General request/questions Recycle Bin please (yes i’ve search the forum and Anshu kumar said it’s in the roadmap). How can we improve search function, as mentioned by few other members, search is a bit slow (Slow Search, Slow search 2) If i just purchased enpass (less than 24h) for Android, and version 6.0 is scheduled for end of this year, what are the chances for me to pay for the upgrade ? or will be a free upgrade ? Thank You
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