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  1. 1. Dont know the exact version of the windows app at this time. Guess the store updated it regulary. After the error occured, I installed the website version instead. Android version always up to date (I check for updates daily). 2. I use OneDrive for syncing. 3. All Systems get time updates from either NTP (Windows) or netprovider (Android). Please note that the reverted passwords were changed a few days ago on android before launching the PC version. 4. As stated, I already reinstalled and reconnected the desktop versions, I will continue to observe this. Error occurred at least on two windows systems.
  2. Same problem here, but I sync between android and windows pc. Only the PC versions are reverting password updates. Uninstalled the store version on the two affected systems and I now try out the "website version".
  3. I updated through the store and the new functionality appeared.
  4. Got the same problem. Almost got a heart attack - for a moment I thought I got hacked. Strangely I got two Enpass folders in the one drive app folder (Enpass and Enpass 1). I disabled sync on my pc and deleted both (after backing them up). After that it started working normally on my other devices.
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