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  1. +1 I also do have this problem on macOS. How does one mark a field as the field which is used for subtitle ? Best regards, Stephan
  2. Thank you Anshu for your help - i didn´ think of just "putting them there" ;-D Very cool!
  3. Hi community, i am using Enpass on Mac/Win and Android for a while now. I started of with a imported dataset, originating from Keepass. Because of this background my database contains alot of entrys which do not contain any information about their type. All imported entrys show up in the "All objects" view. Every new item i add via the "+" - icon is sorted automatically into the pre-existing categorys. What i want to do: Convert / Enrich the mentioned imported entrys to make use of the automatic category sorting. I would prefer to just set the type on an existing entry instead of making a completely new entry via "+" - icon and copy paste the data in there. Problem: Since i don´t know on which basis (key:value in walletx file?) the category sorting is build i can´t edit the concerned entrys to comply to the format which seems to be needed to make use of automatic category sorting. I tried to add a custom field called "Type" but it seems not to be recognized by the category sorting. Thanks in advance & best regards, Stephan
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