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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, Autofill of credit card details does not work for me. I go to a website (e.g. www.gap.co.uk, www.fatface.co.uk) in Safari on my iPad, make a purchase, and get to the credit card details page. I click on the credit card number field, then click on the ‘send to’ icon in Safari, and select ‘Enpass’. I log into Enpass, then click on the credit card I have set up in there, but the field does not get filled in. I’m on Enpass 6.2.0(372), and iPadOS 13.1.2. Autofill of logins works fine. Any help on getting this working would be appreciated.
  2. Operating System: Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB, 64-bit OS with x64-based processor. Enpass version: 5.3.1 Browsers Tried: Firefox, 49.0.2 Opera, 41.0.2353.56 In both browsers my login info is not autofilling (even though I am logged into Enpass using Master Password, and the "Auto-Submit Login" is checked for the website -- e.g. Amazon.com -- and I only have one login for the site). The second issue I have noticed is that I am not able to fill in credit card information. I have created a new "Credit Card" entry, e.g. for a Visa card, in Enpass, but the info does not every automatically populate in the list of Enpass options when I am on a credit card entry form, AND, if I manually search for the credit card entry and double-click it, e.g. when trying to add a credit card to Amazon, I get an error saying that I am trying to fill the amazon.com page with the Visa info (see attached screenshot). If I choose "autofill only", nothing happens... the credit card info is not filled, and the form remains blank. I would love to be able to make use of the form-fill feature (for credit card and address info, but I have not been able to make it work after trying off and on for the last several months). Am I missing something? PS - the majority of my passwords were originally imported from LastPass.
  3. Quick feature request. On my phone (in my case Android), I am often on a website or in an app where I need to put in a credit card to purchase something. Perhaps a movie ticket or some other online item. Or I might be setting up a new app that I need to add my credit card too. When I click the "Fill" button on the Enpass keyboard it of course automatically brings up the login for the app or site I am on. If I happen to be on the credit card screen I have to search for my credit card by name and then scroll to it. And I find myself often fighting with the app as it refreshes the password list every time it opens. So as I move from credit card field to field I sometimes have to search for my credit card more then once. So my feature request is: No matter what app/website I am on, add a additional button to the Enpass keyboard that say, "Fill Credit Card Info". This button would automatically just bring up my cards and make it easy to select one and fill in the info. I don't know about everybody else but I find myself doing this 4 or 5 times a week so it would be very helpful. Thanks, Loyal Enpass User on 4 platforms. Eric
  4. Hi, After switching from BlackBerry to Windoes 10 platform, I wanted to have this app here also. So I've been trying to buy this app using my credit card since two days. I'm unable to buy. Getting attached message every time when I make a transaction. I already have confirmed with the bank's team. No issue at there end. Regarding this I've already sent you a mail . Thanks, Nishant choose files... Click to choose files
  5. One thing I'd like the Enpass to do is to login using a credit card login information. Let me explain: I have one Credit Card, and it have the following fields: "Website", "Username" and "Login Password". If I go to this website and try to log in, Enpass will suggest my credit card, but will not fill any field. I have to fill in the form, and Enpass will not ask me to save the new login info. If I remove this info from my credit card (mainly the website), and try to login (manually filling the form), Enpass will ask me to save the new login information. Now, if I fill the website on my credit card, and try to log in again, Enpass will suggest both the "Login" and the Credit Card, but only the "Login" works. What I would like is being able to login using the info on my Credit Card record, or do not show it when I try to log into the website.
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