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Found 4 results

  1. I'm a new user of Enpass (free version) and have a question regarding the smartphone app. I see there is a 25 login limit to how many logins can be stored on the smartphone. How is the 25 to be delivered to the phone determined? Can I select the 25 or does Enpass just pull the first 25 it sees (or something similar)?
  2. I downloaded the enpass app on android and I'm on the free plan. I understand that a max of 25 items are available on the free plan but the app selected those logins for me. How do I select them myself?
  3. My annual subscription of enpass had expired recently. I primarily use enpass to sync the data between my desktops and laptops. 1.The new entries are still being synced between my desktops and laptops. I would like to know whether the sync between pc's is free even after the expiration of subscription. 2. As i don't use the mobile version of enpass, should i need to subscribe again to the premium version ? Please let me have a reply. Thanks.
  4. /* Sorry for my english, you will find some mistakes */ I think it should be better if the user could choose the 20 passwords he wants to synch on his phone with the free version. I'm explaining it : I have a folder on my desktop app with all the passwords for work. But like I can't choose the passwords I need on the Android app, if I really need (sometimes I need to answer to client quickly) a password to log in my work website, it doesn't appear cause all other (more useless) are synch! So, i think that when a user synch his free Android app, he could choose which ones are better on his phone. I understant that his a way to attract people on PRO version (which is very expensive) but it could be cool. Thanks PS: please tell me if i've been understood
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