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Found 5 results

  1. Adding a second existing vault to Enpass from the cloud is a pain, especially on mobile devices. One has to insert the cloud credentials, the cloud url, and the vault password. However, I normally have all this info in one item of my primary enpass vault. I envision a feature where I can select an item within enpass and setup a second vault from this item. Process: Settings > Vault > New > From existing item > Match elements of items, select cloud provider > Finished This would also simplify the process of sharing a vault with someone else: Create a pre-shared key and send via secure channel Send encrypted enpass item containing cloud credentials and vault password Import enpass item and decrypt with pre-shared key (only insert one password) Select item and setup vault from cloud sync I am looking forward to your reply. Regards, Rafa
  2. Hi I have a new copy of Enpass 5.6.5 and using Firefox Quantun 58.0.1 (64) on Win10 pro. I have it open and in "new Item" ..its taking me a few minutes to get the info and before I am ready, it simply closes the New Item. So I though maybe there's a time limit.... I then did the same process but this time, when I didn't have the info ready, I clicked Save. It seemed to Save but there was NO item saved. I did a search,expanded columns..no item. So I thought maybe some fields cannot be empty. I tried it again but this time I just typed random letters into the fields I had not finished..then I saved it and...guess what ..no item again... It looks good, sounds good, but not to sure. A little thing , but I wondered..is it not possible to color code entries or at least put a separator between them? Any ideas?
  3. How may I copy an item? I'll bet it's easy. I just haven't found it. I have an item with several custom fields. I'd like to create a second item, with the same fields, but different information. It'd be a whole lot easier if I could just copy the first item, change he information in the copy, and go on my merry way. (As opposed to creating a new item, adding custom fields, re-arranging them in a special way, adding a custom icon, and so on…). Did I miss something in the documentation?
  4. So I have this problem. I'm unable to click into the individual entries (items) and edit the various contents. It wasn't always like this, but one of the latest updates rendered me unable to click into the entries for editing. I also believe it is a glitch, because I use enpass on my windows phone as well, and it works as always. (windows phone version of enpass gives me no problems) I've tried uninstalling enpass from the windows app store then reinstalling, it didn't fix the problem for me. I use the dark mode ui of enpass, on windows 10 (windows app store version) Anyone else have this problem?
  5. Windows10 Pro 64 / Firefox / Chrome / 8GB RAM I hope that ENPASS could suggest / show 1 item in each account. I have 2 Facebook accounts. I have 5 Google accounts. ENPASS suggests 6 items if I try to open my Facebook account by using a browser even if only 2 accounts is stored in ENPASS. The reason why is each 3 similar Facebook URLs are stored in ENPASS. ENPASS recognizes 1 username, 1 password and 1 LOG-IN URL as 1 item. But most of website has some LOG-in URLs. So I hope that ENPASS can store more than 2 LOG-IN URLs in 1 tem.
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