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Found 4 results

  1. Sync between linux feodora 33 (5.9.15-100.fc32.x86_64) machine and google drive is stuck at 50% (see progress bar on attached picture). The vault were created on win 10 machine. Network is on-line, Google disk accessible. Two hours passed - "Sync" still at 50%.
  2. Hello, I had serious trouble with the the sync with ms onedrive on all devices (mac/pc/ios/Android) because I have 2 Accounts. After some API changes is wasn't possible any more to use my onedrive private account. So I switched to icloud drive sync. Everything works again like a charm but I have to reconfirm every time the apple enpass permisson only on my my PC. I confirm via iphone and enter the 6 digit code. But the Browser Windows redirecting to enpass hangs forever: So my guess is that the permanent permissons are missing and therefore enpass restarts confirmation all over
  3. Previosly posted June 16 (edited and reposted because no support or answers have been given) I'm confused about sync in WHERE database overwriting takes place, and if I can choose the overwriting direction. What if I want to overwrite my local device with what is on the cloud? What if I want to keep what is on my device and overwrite the cloud with new or changed information? Example: I had a weak password on SOME*website*.com, so (on my Windows 10 PC) I logged into Enpass and generated a strong password for SOMEwebsite.com, then saved the new entry. I also logged onto SOME*website*.
  4. Hello ! As reported already to your service (and hopefully fixed soon): I'm using two ISO clients and three Windows clients (Win 10, Win7, Win7(domain)). 64bit. All are synchronizing to a WebDav folder. This works very find for IOS. All IOS clients are always up to date. Win does have a sync problem. When adding or editting enties on the Win clients they do not get updated or added reliably to the other Win clients. Some are not updated or not added. In both directions Win10 to Win7 and visa versa. But when I delete the db files on the Win clients and resync from
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