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Found 4 results

  1. Hello Friends: This is my very first post. I'm a brand new Enpass user looking to vacate my old password manager for this one. On my Fedora-38 Linux server I have the following Enpass version installed: enpass- (latest) I'd like to use this server as my Enpass WIFI-Sync Server but in a headless setting -- i.e. without having to log in. I can, say, log in a first time to set Enpass up via the its UI, but after that I'd like to run this as a daemon/service every time the system boots without me having to log in and start the desktop UI: /opt/enpass/wifisyncserver_bin Is it possible to set things up this way? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello. I am looking for a password manager with a sync between different devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows) without cloud. One of the few solutions that can do this is Enpass. Unfortunately only half of it. On my computer, for example, macOS and Windows are installed on the same machine. Therefore, only one of the systems is on at a time, so Enpass cannot synchronise them via Wifi. This is a pity. It would therefore be nice if all versions, especially the iOS version, had the Wi-Fi server function. Best regards Hauke
  3. Hello, I run Enpass on Arch linux via the AUR enpass-bin package. I also use Wi-Fi sync to sync my desktop with my phone and other devices on my network when they are connected instead of a cloud provider. Since 1.8.0, enpass ends up in a random core-dump usually after I have enabled Wi-Fi sync. I have also tried 1.8.1 with the same results. However, I can run without issue. It seems something has changed in 1.8.0 that is causing the program to core dump. I've sent numerous bug reports when this happens so that hopefully the team can investigate. I know I'm not running debian or a RPM distro, but the AUR script is installing from the Debian package. Please let me know if the team needs any additional information regarding these crashes. I'm not sure if the bug reports are sufficient in troubleshooting the issue. Thanks.
  4. Greetings WiFI Sync is not working while using Mobile Hotspot on any of my devices. My system spec is as follows macOS Monterery 12.4 Enpass Mac App Store v6.8.0 (1056) Enpass iPad v6.8.1(633) Enpass Android v6.8.2.666
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