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Found 2 results

  1. Now that Enpass Mac can create passkeys ... how do I stop it from throwing up its passkey dialog before the macOS Passkey creation dialog? The way it works now, Enpass throws its passkey creation dialog first. I have to cancel that & THEN I can get to the Apple dialog. PLEASE add a pref to turn off asking for passkey creation. Or fix my comments/suggestions/annoyances below & I'd gladly use Enpass for passkeys by default. Just an FYI: Enpass is my 1st choice on all my Apple devices that support it for passwords—creating & filling. There are a few things that annoy me, and keep me from using Enpass as the default passkey creator. 1. When a passkey is created with Enpass Mac, the login button for the website passkey is not active. I have to click on the button every time which = annoying. 2. When Enpass throws up its passkey login dialog on a 3 screen setup it's never on the screen where Safari is open and requiring the login. D'oh! I have to look on all 3 screen to find the dialog and click the button, which is doubly annoying because I have to FIND the dialog and I still have to click on it. If the login button were active & reacted to Enter or Return keys ... both 1 & 2 would be moot—kinda-sorta. Though you'd think Enpass would be smart enough to put the dialog front and center on the screen that Safari is asking for the passkey login. 3. Deleting a passkey in Enpass is not very logical. You have to go into edit mode click on the Passkey field name & delete the field—rather than there being a delete button, or an X button to delete the entry. So yay ... Enpass Mac finally does passkeys. Boo that's it not very elegant, Mac-like, or user friendly— yet. That's my 2¢ U.S. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Please add an option to change the Firefox browser button to the same alternative system tray icon for people who use dark themes.
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