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Problems with Saving


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I have been fighting with Enpass Desktop and Android version ... I am that guy that has had a ridiculous number of problems.  :)

The one I am having now, was also mentioned here:  


I'll repeat for the sake of discussion.  I am NOT able to get enpass to work with my standard chrome android browser.  I will discuss that separately. 

I am also not able to get enpass to work with my firefox browswer.

For this example, i am using my Opera Mini browser.  

I visit a site; input username and password; enpass pops up asking me to type a name for the item and then save it.  

Regardless of whether I leave the name as prompted, or type in a different name, I receive an error message:

"Something went wrong while saving item".


Huawei Mate 8.  Android 8.  Android Accessibility - Enpass (ON).  Android Autofill - Enpass (activated).

Keyboard being used is SwiftKey.  

Enpass for android v  Autofill in Enpass turned on (3 boxes)


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