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Hi guys,

I have to say: I was willing to switch from 1Password to enpass and to spend some money. Unfortunately Enpass doesn't work very well...


- First I tried to export my data from 1 password4 using 1pif file  format. When I tried to imprt that file into enpass it didn't even SHOW the 1pif file - although I saw the file on my harddisk using windows explorer (and yes - I selected the 1pif format to import)

- Second I tried to use an older version of enpass - and I was able to import the 1pif file there. Unfortunately enpass totaly mixed up the categories - i.e. it didn't distinguish between logins, notes, ... What is even worse - when I updated to enpass 6 ALL the imported objects were gone??? I than tried to backup the database in enpass 5 (uninstalled 6 before) and to restore it in Enpass 6 afterwards. But: Where is the restore function??? There is a Backup function but no restore funcion - what the heck?


So I wanted to give enpass a try (especially because I hate the abnonement process !Password uses now - but enpass just doesn't work for me

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Hey @SaschaF,

Sorry for the trouble you are going through.

Unlike Enpass v5 there is no Restore option in the Enpass v6 settings. In V6 'Restore' option appears only in two scenarios:
  1. When the app is newly/freshly installed.
  2. Creating a new vault. (The app is already installed and contains database).

Hope this helps!

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