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Enpass reverts to fingerprint after reinstallation


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I update android regularly, using a dirty flash of the system partition.

Every time I update the OS, enpass starts up asking for the fingerprint. But the fingerprint is not even configured in android, and more important, enpass was configured for password and not for fingerprint, before the OS update. As a result, enpass cannot be started.

I am forced to configure the fingerprint in android. After this, upon first start, enpass disables the fingerprint stating that there are multiple fingerprints configured, and reverts back to the password method. At this point enpass can be used.

This behaviour seems inconsistent to me.





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Hi @spino,

While investigating, It seems that in your phone backup of Enpass has not been updated since months. There was a bug in Enpass that allowed the fingerprint preferences to be backed up with phone backup and same was fixed in version 5.2.0 (June 21, 2016).

Can you please tell us when the last backup of Enpass was taken by phone. You can find it via follows these steps:

Open Google Drive App in your device --> Go to Settings --> Tap Manage backups --> And share the screenshot (For more details please refer the attachment)


Also please share the Backup and Reset settings of your device.

backup &reset.png

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I don't use the google drive backup. I perform backup using external applications like titanium backup and nandroid backup.

If I go to app - enpass - app info, it shows enpass version 5.4.6 above the buttons "uninstall" and "forces top".

It makes sense since I became a beta in september and you wrote: version 5.2.0 (June 21, 2016)


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