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Syncing with Dropbox not providing accurate results


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I have added items to the desktop version, and have seen them successfully sync.  

One of the items had an incorrect name entered (and the name was changed in the desktop app to one that starts with "A").

The desktop app continues to show that it has synced.  The Android app continues to show that it has synced.

HOWEVER - they are NOT the same

The following pictures and screenshots are attached to demonstrate.

The first pictures shows that sync is on and shown as done.  

The most important part is that there are FOUR (4) Passwords listed under the letter "A".  The changes were made hours ago.  Also notice there are 12 items listed in the primary vault.



Next picture is from the APP, showing that syncing is accurate.  Notice again on the app that there are 12 items in Primary Vault.



And now notice in the APP that there are only THREE (3) items listed under the letter "A".  The missing item is NOT shown anywhere on the app in the list of items (not under its original letter).  The missing item originally filed as "Sextoy.com" (letter "S") was changed to "Adult Shopping Sextoy.com" (letter "A").  It does not appear anywhere.  



I have exited the app; the windows desktop; rebooted android and windows.  Nothing changes.


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