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Updated Enpass BETA-2 (v5.4.0) for Linux

Vinod Kumar

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Hi All,

We have just rolled out a second Beta version of Enpass 5.4.0 for Linux. This Beta comes with following fixes:

Syncing with WebDAV: Enpass will now show a sync warning message to those users who have configured their WebDAV/ownCloud server using a self-signed certificate, and they have to disconnect and set up sync again.

Compatibility issue: This Beta version will also work on those linux systems having 4.8 or lesser versions of libstdc++6. However, password strength calculation will be done using old method instead of new zxcvbn password strength calculator in those systems.

Installer packages: Installer package is also available with this version for 64-bit non deb based systems.

Optimized CPU usage: An issue where some users reported that enabling sync with WebDAV was consuming high CPU comparatively has been fixed.

Minor UI improvements: Fixed a UI issue where adding/moving items (more than 99) from one folder to another, doesn't show the complete count.

Sync error 120: Fixed an issue of Error -120 in cloud sync, where Enpass shows the sync error when the system comes from sleep.

System Tray issue: Fixed an issue where the Enpass icon in system tray in some distros was not displayed on autostartup.

Browser launch issue: In some distros, There was an issue where clicking on URL was not opened in system's default browser.

Update/Install instructions:
Existing beta users will automatically get an update. If you are a new beta user install instructions are here.

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