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Offer easy sync without relying on public cloud services


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How do you sync your mobile device(s) with your desktop/laptop without relying on a public cloud service?  You could run an OwnCloud or WebDav server privately but it's rather heavy to set up.

I have used eWallet for many years and it has a rather elegant solution to this problem: the desktop client can act as a sync server on the LAN.  A trust relationship must first be established with the mobile device(s) and presto you have fully private syncing without the need to install any additional software.  It sort of works the opposite way of the "local WiFi" option that's offered when you first install Enpass on an iOS device and offers true syncing as opposed to just backup/restore.

One of Enpass' key USP is the fact that it doesn't compel its users to store their precious data on random cloud servers.  Despite being encrypted, the vaults could be retrieved then subjected to brute force attacks offline.  Future exploits against encryption algos and Moore's law make this an unattractive prospect to many a user.  Offering this feature would certainly strengthen that Enpass' USP IMHO.

This feature could also enable syncing with any future "dropbox"-style public cloud service (ie: any cloud that's transparently accessible via the desktop's filesystem) without incurring any additional dev work.

Please let me know if this is unclear and/or it would be useful to post a video of how this works on competing solutions)

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