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Auto-Type user/pass to external window


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Hi there.

I'm trialling Enpass as a user from another popular password manager. One missing feature I enjoy is an auto-type feature. How it would ideally work:


I am playing a video game or using a native app requires me to login using credentials from their website. (For example, Twitter's Windows 10 app).

At the login screen for the native app/video game, I switch to Enpass, find the credentials I want to login with, and press the Auto-Type button.

Enpass prompts me to pick a window to type it into, defaulting to the last selected window.

After confirming the window to type the password into, Enpass switches to the window, does it's best to find or select a Username field, types the username in, tab, then the Password.

I click the application's login button.



On a desktop, you can almost always copy and paste into a window. However, this does not hold true for almost every video game I've played that requires an account. I'd hate to type my 20+ character, randomly generated password into a video game.

As this feature worked so well, I found myself using it in lots of cases, including:

  • Many video games (Elder Scrolls Online)
  • Every native application (Twitter, Slack, Discord)
  • Basic auth dialog boxes (internal websites)
  • Chrome profiles with no extensions (web development)
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