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EnPassKeyboard - add on "Spacebar" button "long press" as "switching keyboards"


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Hi Enpass Team,
please one feature request, I mean, that this feature many people will welcome with open hands:

* add into Enpass Keyboard: add on spacebar button option longpress what show keyboard selection, same as is have original Google GBoard

Because for example I using 95% time GBoard and only for web and passwords I switching on EnPass Keyboard,.
Switch from GBoard on EnPassKeyboard is easy and fast, long press spacebar

But switching back from EnPassKeyboard on GBoard is not so good, because I always must click on some text field on web and after slide down Notification center in android phone and here click on keyboard options, and select back GBoard.

See you different? between "switching from gboard to enpaskeyboar" and "switching from enpasskeyboard back to gboard"

And this you can easy fix, that add on enpasskeyboard on spacebar same function as gbourd - spacebar longpress = change/selection keyboard (as have it gboard as popup window)

only additional information: for example I, I have OnePlus 3 and this 5.5inch phone is harder slide notification center down and switch back on gboard. this is second item why is good request add into enpasskeyboard longpress on spacebar as switch keyboards.

In my eyes, I mean that when Enpass Team add this feature into enpass keyboard, that it create BETTER USER EXPERIENCE :)
sorry for my bad english :ph34r:

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Some info about Android Enpass Keyboard feature "long press spacebar" for switch keyboards same as gboard?

Only I, have with this a bad experience?
Do not tell me, that there are not multiple users, who would appreciated this feature. :-)

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