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Delete vault without password

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For testing, I installed Enpass on iOS but did not remember the vault password. I only entered it once and used touch ID afterwards.

Now I want to start using it for real and need to reset the vault, because I don't have the password. I don't mind loosing the data in the vault. However, I did not find any option to delete the default vault and even deleting other vaults requires their password.

  1. How can I create a new default vault with a new password? (I don't mind if all data from the old default vault is lost)
  2. How can I delete additional vaults, for which I also forgot the password?

Thank you very much,

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Hey @David728,

Well in this case, you need to uninstall Enpass which will delete all the data from the device permanently. Then you can install Enpass again from the respective store and start as a new user.

Do save your master password in case you come across such a situation in the future.:)

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