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I have put this issue into support but they have been less than helpful.  I responded to their original question but have not have received an update for over a month.

First and foremost this is not an issue with the Android App this only affect Mac, Windows 10 & Linux desktop client.

Here are the answers that I gave support.  I also attached a screenshot of the error.

  1.  On which all devices (Along with OS version) are you using Enpass? Mac 10.12.2, Windows 10, Linux Mint 18.1, Android N 7.1.1
  2.  Which Enpass version are you using on the devices? Android 5.4.8, Mac 5.4.1 Windows 5.4.1.
  3. Which Chrome/Firefox version are you using? (Chrome Mac 55.0.2883.95, Firefox Mac 50.1.0) (Windows 10 Chrome 55.0.2883.87)
  4. Which Antivirus (along with its version) are you using? No antivirus
  5. Are you using any third party network security/ Firewall/ any security related Extension or Proxy? none
  6. Which version of the Enpass extension is installed? Android 5.4.8, Mac Chrome 5.3.3 Mac Firefox 5.3.3 Windows 10 5.3.3.

I really like the product that is why I purchased the Android app.   When I used LastPass it worked with no issues, but I really need this to work with the Enpass desktop client.


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Guest Vikram Dabas

Hi @robert.endicott

Sorry to hear about the trouble and I sincerely apologizes that you haven't received any update from the support team. 

As far as I think one of the possible reason for your problem might be the 'Auto-submit login' for you Dell CMC item. So I suggest you to please disable it (see attached screenshot) for your Dell CMC item (Disabling 'Auto-submit login' will automatically fill the login details but doesn't auto-submit them to the webpage). Now, visit the URL and once the Enpass fills the logins details, manually click the login button and  revert whether it works for you.



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