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Microsoft account permissions


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In order to synchronise my passwords through OneDrive, I have to give Enpass the following permissions:

  • Sign in automatically
  • View your OneDrive photos and documents
  • Access and edit your OneDrive photos and documents
  • View your profile information and contact list
  • Access your info at any time
  • Work with its own folder in OneDrive
  • Access OneDrive files

The first 5 were requested by the iOS app; the last 2 by the Mac OS app.

I really can't understand why any of these are necessary except "work with its own folder in OneDrive".  Can you please explain and/or remove the request for them?



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Hi @Steffan,

Thanks for writing in. For legacy reasons we need full access to OneDrive (Enpass works with OneDrive since the days when there was no App folder support in OneDrive) and OneDrive SDK shows you all those permissions as a side effect. We do not touch any file outside Enpass folder in you root drive. However, we are planning to migrate Enpass data to its own app folder in near future.

Thanks for your understanding!


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