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Connection error with extentions


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I installed the Enpass extension in Chrome and activated it in Enpass, but I keep getting an Connection error. I tried to install the extension in other browsers and disabling the signature verification but nothing changed. Reinstalling Enpass and/or Chrome didn't helped at all. I analyzed it with TCPView and there is indeed an open connection on port 10391. In Chrome's Dev Tools it seems that the extension cannot access Enpass because of the error:

WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:10391/' failed: Invalid frame header

I installed Enpass with Chrome on a VM and it worked like a charm, so I would be very happy to see this error solved for me.


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43 minutes ago, Hemant Kumar said:

Hi guys,

Seems the issue is similar to being discussed in another topic here 


If its same, please join that thread.


For me it seems to be the same. Joining there.

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