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Enpass looks pretty good, buy there is room for improvement when it comes to UI:

- too many font size and colore. We have gray text on left column, black text main column, bold black text on title, small colored text on the right. Use less fonts changes and more consistency.

- provide an option to disable the item icons and colors, like 1Password has. Too many colors can be confusing. Eithe that or use a main theme color and only use logos for known brands. 

- transparent tab on top, with blur just like iOS has.

- more consistency with iPad and iPhone, in terms of colors. On iPad only the item title is colored, on iPhone the whole area of the title is colored.

- better overall integration with main iOS design practices: 



As an example, please see below image, we have 5 different fonts / sizes / colors, all right next to each other, it's not a good design practice at all.


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