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Trouble creating folders

Andy Hewitt

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I'm giving Enpass a try out after many years with 1P, Migration was a bit messy, but I got there in the end.

However, I'm trying to create a set of folders to manually categorise my collection, but I seem only to be able to create one root level folder, with any subsequent new folders being sub folders of that one. Deselecting it and trying to create a new folder results in nothing happening.

The migration process managed to collect all the catergory names from 1P, I see in another post that a request has been made for 'smart' folders. This would definitely be beneficial to those migrating if you could create smart folders to automatically collect all those ready made tags.


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I found out how to 'workaround' that. It needs at least one item to be selected before creating a new folder after the first one has been created (I can create the first folder without selecting any items).

However, selecting one, or a multiple, items allows the creation of new folders, but it doesn't put the items into it, I still have to manually drag them across after it's been created.

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